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Friday, January 11, 2008

LeonardoMD Featured in Healthcare Finance News

Source: Healthcare Finance News

Vendors Collaborate to Speed Up Collection Process

By Eric Wicklund, Managing Editor, Healthcare Finance News

January 8, 2008 - SANTA ROSA, CA - Medical practices having problems with slow-paying customers or insurance collections might be advised to try a new solution that promises to speed up the process.
Transworld Systems, Inc., a provider of profit recovery solutions, is teaming up with LeonardoMD, a San Diego-based provider of Web-based practice management and clinical software solutions, to create a program to improve collections.
Transworld's GreenFlag Profit Recovery service will now be offered to LeonardoMD clients at preferred pricing.
The new interface being offered in the collaboration allows medical clinics to flag delinquent accounts, thereby sending them immediately to Transworld Systems, which handles the collections. As an option, clinics can also set up parameters for collections, establishing dates and even amounts, before sending the accounts on to Transworld.
"As insurance carriers continue to cut reimbursement and make it increasingly difficult for medical practices to thrive, forward-thinking practices are turning to new solutions to fight back," said Kyle Palla, vice president of business development for LeonardoMD. "The collaboration between LeonardoMD and Transworld Systems enables practices to streamline their collections efforts at a critical time in the revenue cycle. The LeonardoMD Web-based practice management software and EMR (electronic medical records) eliminates the IT hassles typically associated with medical collections."
"LeonardoMD's interface with our GreenFlag service provides mutual clients with an easy-to-use technology that will streamline their operations as well as allow them to focus on what they do best – providing quality medical care," added Ken Eissing, senior vice president and general manager of Transworld Systems.
One mutual client, the Gastroenterology Diagnostic Clinic in Pasadena, Texas, reported good results in using the new interface, according to a press release provided by the two companies.
"The software interface was easy to set up," said Becky Frias, a clinic employee. "Now that it's up and running, I don't have to spend hours entering the data. To be honest, I'm surprised at the vast improvement in both patient and insurance collections."
Transworld Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., is based in Santa Rosa, Calif. and reports collections of $2.4 billion from more than 60,000 clients over the past five years. LeonardoMD was founded in 2000 and lists thousands of clients across the United States.
Source: Healthcare Finance News

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Friday, December 08, 2006

National Provider Identifier Information (NPI)

On April 2nd, 2007, the provision of the Administrative Simplification involving the implementation of National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers will become mandatory.

Historically, healthcare providers are identified by an association with a Tax ID, a billing group, a practice location, a specific contract, or a combination of identifiers. Frequently, healthcare providers have used different identifiers for the same practice in order to differentiate contracts with a payer. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 decided to enact policy to simplify and standardize this identification process by assigning each health care provider a unique identifier, an NPI number, for use with all health care plans and payers. HIPAA predicts administrative simplification savings to come from this reduction of provider identities.

Starting on January 1st, 2007, the HCFA form will include new fields for these identifiers on lines 17b, 32a, and 3a. While use of the NPI number is optional until March 30, 2007, healthcare providers should apply for an NPI as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not they are a covered entity. Between January 1st and March 30th, providers should use their NPI as well as their old identification scheme in order to ease the transition, especially in the 837 claims. Payers are responsible for building their own identity mapping table to correlate the provider NPI to their identification information; however, practices can aid this process by sending “change of identifier” notifications to payers, similar to “change of address” cards.

LeonardoMD is ready for the transition, providing support for both NPI as well as traditional identification schemes. Once your practice has registered for an NPI, LeonardoMD provides the tools and services necessary to seamlessly incorporate this method into the daily administration of your practice, automating the transition process to ensure a simple and undemanding compliance with the most current HIPAA standards.


HIPAA Administrative Simplification: Standard Unique Identifier for Health Care Providers:
Click Here

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Convenience of Web Access

In my medical practice I have found web access to my patient charts to be a tremendous convenience and time saver. Since adopting LeonardoMD 4 years ago I have eliminated all paper charts in my office. The office staff and I enjoy the convenience of looking up patient information at any time without the need to hunt down a paper chart. I carry a tablet pc in the office and in the hospital where I work, giving me access to my patient records at the time of need. I can also access my practice records from any computer in the hospital, and print out H&Ps, post-op orders, discharge prescriptions, home care instructions, etc. Between surgical cases I review the billing codes and notify my biller to submit the claim. At home I like to prepare for the next day’s clinic or surgeries by reviewing the patient charts, again easily viewed using my Windows browser. The messaging features of LeonardoMD have turned out to be surprisingly valuable as they allow easy HIPAA compliant secure communication with my staff as I work from various locations throughout the day. The convenience of web access to my practice has allowed me to be more productive and deliver better quality care to my patients. If web access were taken away from me, it would represent an intolerable giant step back into the dark ages.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Power of Batching

Another advantage of using an online practice management software is the ability to batch records together for mass processing. LeonardoMD uses a system of lists that give users the ability to gather relevant content to group together in a batch. For example your practice may have 100 visits that need to be turned into claims and sent to the insurance companies. With the power of batching these claims can be created at the same time rather than individually. Not only does this save time it also helps reduce the chance for errors.

Online Medical Billing & Practice Management Software...The future is here!

Practice Management Software is a fancy term for a Medical Database. There are many Practice Management Softwares on the market today, however only a small number of them have taken their technology to the web. Online Practice Management is the wave of the future. Imagine being able to connect to your patient records from anywhere that has internet access. Not only does this make life easy, it also cuts down on costs by eliminating the need for expensive servers and other equipment to create connections between different offices. LeonardoMD is one of the first companies to take Practice Management Software to the web. Since their inception in 1999 LeonardoMD has continued to provide quality efficient solutions for patient registration, charting, scheduling, medical billing, and interoffice communication.

Another way to think of Practice Management Software is you are enhancing your patient's experience when they visit your office. Having all of their information stored in an online database gives your practice the power to effectively service more than double the patient load of a practice not using a content management system. With a few clicks your staff members will have access to everything needed to effectively receive and process patient visits. With a few more clicks your medical biller can seamlessly create 837 electronic claims and submit them directly to a clearinghouse for further processing.

The online practice management software trend continues to grow every day. If you have not checked it out yet, now is the time. Get ahead of the curve.